Building controls. Data. Apps. You’re in control.

We are creating a world where IoT analytics and controls are open, portable, and sharable.

Open & Transparent to the Core

  • Advanced native BACnet and open, API-first design
  • Rapidly discover and import 100k’s of points
  • Unlock any object and service — not just simple ones

Extend & Integrate Anything

  • Powerful APIs and JavaScript SDK
  • No more proprietary languages or arcane tools
  • Build reusable integrations quickly and easily
  • Use one of our pre-built integrations to connect directly to partner SaaS solutions

DataOps Batteries Included

  • Quickly identify and resolve outages and quality problems
  • Data modeling, normalization, and quality monitoring out of the box

Edge-Only Model

  • No 3rd party SaaS subscription to monitor and secure

Do you need Normal?

Software developers
  • Own your building onboarding experience and wow customers with self-service tools
  • Out-of-the-box secure connectivity and data transport with all on-prem systems
  • Standardized data models to suit any application
System Integrators
& Contractors​
  • Deliver a truly independent data layer (IDL) and single pane of glass across a portfolio
  • Create new revenue streams by offering add-on services like remote service
& Operators
  • Control the integration process and eliminate repeated vendor integrations of the same equipment
  • Maintain control and ownership of data assets
  • Manage security and access to underlying OT systems
  • Hold vendors accountable for product performance with full transparency
  • Build connections from new IoT services to legacy systems to capture more value
  • Add advanced BACnet integration capabilities to your product

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